Measuring PIDG’s development impact

PIDG monitors a range of indicators to understand how its investments are improving people’s lives. Its investments aim to increase access to infrastructure and its benefits, boost employment and opportunities for domestic businesses, expand economies and create examples which can be replicated. The key development result indicators table, opposite, sets out how PIDG companies measure their impact. PIDG seeks practical and resource-efficient ways to collect and verify data in all these areas to learn lessons about what works and monitor its achievements.

During 2017, PIDG undertook a range of studies and evaluations to provide insight to the impacts of its investments. These included a study on the affordability of infrastructure to identify how PIDG can deliver infrastructure services that reach the poor and underserved, and how PIDG can best measure and monitor this. A study was commissioned to explore the effects which PIDG’s investments have had on the wider capital markets and a study to model and estimate the effects of energy infrastructure on employment. In addition, baseline studies were undertaken for several individual projects; capturing the situation before PIDG’s investment and monitoring changes over time to enable PIDG to understand the ways in which its projects affect people’s lives.


Key development result indicators


Annual Report