PIDG member and other donor funding

Member and other donor funding disbursed to PIDG ($m)

Other sources of funding

In addition to the $1,377.5m of cumulative donor disbursements made to date, our companies draw on a range of other sources of capital to deliver our strategy and targets. Our companies also have access to other funding sources, such as debt financing, contingent capital and UK Government-backed promissory notes. The total of all funding disbursed or available to us is now cumulatively in excess of $2.4bn.

During our 15 years of operations, our owners have benefited from the flexibility to allocate funding across all our activities, or to particular PIDG companies or geographies enabling them to fund their priority areas. Our agile structure also enables PIDG companies to access other sources of capital, including private sector funds, supporting our drive to mobilise greater amounts of funding.

As we deliver the next stage of PIDG’s development, we are focused on broadening and deepening our funding. We look forward to working with new public and private sector partners, across the capital structure.

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